Friday, March 20, 2015

The Haystache

So last night I caught Acer doing this...

For some reason she is insistent on building her nest on the FLOOR this time around. Oh well, at least the temperatures are mild.

She had pulled a little fur this morning, but no babies yet. 

The other two are still just sitting around munching their straw.

Lastly, a video of the much-celebrated haystacheing...


Fingers crossed!


  1. Hooray for haystache! I just love this face, and I know I've said it before, but I'm always reminded of this when I'm at work out in the warehouse and put my pen in my mouth....LOL! Here's hoping for a nest full of healthy babies!

    1. I love watching them do this. :) Thanks for the good vibes!

  2. Yay! Sometimes when a doe keeps moving the nest to a particular floor spot, she will build a nest in the box if I move the box to wherever she wants it. Or sometimes I'll put more than one in on a doe I'm concerned about. Happy for you to have brand new popples! <3

    1. I stuffed the nest she made into the box and put the box in that corner. She seems done nest building for now, so we'll see what she does! :)